Gingerbread People Everywhere!

Last year I already made my first Gingerbread girl. I love the idea of the dolls dressed as gingerbread with icing all over. The contrast of the brown with the white "icing" just adds festive flair to this jolly season! For my first gingerbread dress, I used the...

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DIY Doll Drive-In Movie Theater

Summer memories are the best! I had a great time creating a Doll Drive-In Movie Theater for my daughters. I made speakers from cpvc and a printable you can find on my blog. The Drive-In Marquee sign and screen are made from foamboard. The concession stand was filled...

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Make a Removable Lace Collar

Make a Removable Lace Collar using the collar pattern piece from the KeLibu Mori Girl Collared Dress. These removable collars can be added to dresses or shirts to give your outfit a whole new look! You need the Mori Girl Collared Dress for 18 inch dolls to complete...

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Kit’s New Dress

A random search of Craigslist turned up a treasure I didn't even know I'd been looking for: a gently cared for Kit looking for a new home. I knew as soon as I saw her that she would be coming to live with me - I've wanted Kit for a very long time. And of course when a...

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Episode Three: From Plastic to Perfect

Let's take a moment to talk about felt. After I have my enormous amount of fun repainting a doll, the unavoidable fact hits me that this doll needs a beautiful look that goes with her new, beautiful face... Yep. She needs clothes. Now if sewing is your passion, you...

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