Made By My Gran

My INSPIRATION and love for dolls I have known sewing all my life. I used to sit and cut out my mom's patterns while she used to sew the most amazing wedding dresses. We also used to sit and knit doll clothes together. My dolls always had a suitcase full of clothes....

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Superhero Mask

Awesome Super Hero mask to make for your doll! This is a super quick and easy project to do... Doll Size: Head circumference about 30cm (10 - 12 inch) for 18 inch dolls such as SA Girl Doll, Our Generation or American Girl You Will Need Download the pattern template -...

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Simple Aviator Goggles

Cute Aviator Goggles to make for your doll. These are fun for Steampunk style outfits. Doll Size: Head circumference about 30cm (10 - 12 inch) - 18 inch dolls like SA Girl Doll, Our Generation or American Girl You will need Download the pattern template - CLICK HERE...

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Brad Pin Doll Ring

Quite a while ago I made these dolls rings for my daughter's dolls. She still plays with and loves them! I was walking through our craft shop and saw these cute thingies called 'BRAD PINS'... they use them for scrapbooking. I had to use them for something! They were...

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Episode 2: From Plastic to Perfect

Hi there! Today I have another doll customization and her name is, Poppy! If anyone has seen Dreamwork's new movie "Troll's", then you'll know that the main character, Poppy, is one of the cheerfullest and most caring Princesses out there. I myself haven't seen the...

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I sewed a tunic for my daughter out of knit Doctor Who themed fabric, so I had to make a doll-sized coordinating outfit to match! This is my favorite way to commemorate special things I make for my daughters, knowing that they will eventually outgrow the clothing but...

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From Plastic to Perfect: Episode One

These were the before and after pictures of "Easter Bunny", a repaint I did to celebrate spring! ~I began with a thought process, like coming up with the color scheme for the eyes and blush, and then went on to customizing the doll. I thought that gray eyes with a...

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Traveling Doll Project in South Africa

I am so excited and privileged to be part of the Traveling Doll Project! What am I talking about? This is a very special ball and joint doll (BJD) that is traveling around the world. They hope to spread joy, happiness, and friendship through the magic of dolls! The...

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Matching Superhero Dress Up

This project I did a few years ago when my daughter was 3. She wanted to be a Superhero just like our Julie doll! So I went about creating an outfit for her... The Cape I sewed a red cape for Zoe and a matching cape for the doll. I used the Superhero pattern cape...

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The Doll Wedding

The Doll Wedding was one of my daughters' and I's favorite projects. I can't believe it has been a full year since we did this project! We made Save-the-Date, Invitation, and Thank You Note printables! We had a blast setting scenes for the wedding registry, dress...

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Mori Girl Ruffled Dress and Shrug Test

Do you ever look at a pattern and immediately know exactly which fabric you're going to use? Several months back, a friend of mine gave me boxes and boxes of vintage fabric that belonged to her grandmother. Most of it, if I had to guess, was from the 80s. One of the...

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