CD and CD Sleeves Paper Craft

Quite a while ago I created these printable CD’s and CD Sleeves but only now, that we have a dance studio in the doll house, is my daughter is enjoying and playing with them!

Step 1: Download the PDF from the Doll Play SA website.
Step 2: Print out onto paper or cardboard.
Step 3: Cut out all your pieces and glue together using the instructions.
       CD’s – Glue the CD front and back together.
       CD Sleeve – Fold on the dotted lines. Add glue to the shaded area. Shape and glue the sleeve together.

Although the first two pages of the PDF are already patterned CD’s and sleeves, the last page has “blank” ones! These are great to get creative with and make a CD with your own cover or picture of your favorite artist.

Idea 1 –
Color the CD and sleeves with your own design. You can also use stickers to add more color. Cut out and glue to complete the set!

Idea 2 –
Step 1: Cut out a blank cd sleeve and trace onto a piece of wrapping paper or your a magazine cut out.
Step 2: Glue the two pieces together and complete the CD sleeve following the instructions.

Step 3: Cut the CD out from the wrapping paper or magazine cutout. Glue the silver side on the back.
Step 4: Cut out the center of the “top side” of the CD and glue this in the center front to give it a realistic look.

Your custom CD’s are now complete! My eldest son loves Star Wars, so his sister’s dolls had to have a Star Wars CD!

This is a quick and easy project to do that adds a lot of value to your doll house and doll play!
– Liese





  1. I have a punch that is 1″ and has a hole in the middle, this is what I use for CD’s & DVD’s that I cut out of foil cardboard from pans from the dollar store. Thank you for the tutorial!

    • Well that is clever to use a punch to cut out the CD’s. I never thought of cutting a hole in the middle too… have to do that to my CD’s now too!

  2. Wow, this is a great way to use some of my cardstock. Thanks for the ideas!!!!

  3. Well isn’t this cool. Definitely going to try this ♥

  4. I love, love this. I need a whole shelf full of classics for my gang.

  5. Love this idea, going to make a few for sure

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