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 I wanted to try a practice post with a photo, and this subject line seemed to fit the bill. (I haven’t yet been able to properly upload a photo here, so you may only see text.  If so, sorry about that. I’ll keep trying.) I don’t sleep much, due to health reasons; so it isn’t unusual to find me sitting up and hand sewing into late in the night.  Two nights ago, fighting asthma, was a prime example.  So, I decided to recycle and recreate a pair of toddler, small girl-sized socks to fit an 18″ doll. I didn’t have a pattern, but I just decided to wing it and see if it would work.  Hopefully you’ll see the result in an attached photo.  I took one little girls’ sock and cut off the foot section, above the heel, in a straight line.  I set the foot piece aside to save for a different project.  Then, I marked the leg section with one straight line from top to bottom down the center and pinned the back and front of the sock together, delineating two  separate tube sections.  I hand sewed two straight lines using a small backstitch to allow for stretch, about 1/8″ from my marked line, from top to bottom, but added a curved half circle at the bottom on each side for a gentle toe line curve.  After that, I cut the two little socks apart, leaving 1/8″ all the way down and around each curved toe section. This created the two little doll socks.  To finish the sock edges nicely, I then did a blanket stitch  around each raw edge from top to bottom, and around each toe line.  Done.  This could also be done on the sewing machine, using a stretch/straight stitch, then surged edge stitch to stabilize the raw knit edges, (but I prefer the flexible hand stitched version better for optimal stretch and realistic movement.) When I was done, I was very pleased with the outcome, because I still have enough leftover fabric to create another pair of socks, or mittens,  or the bodice of a sundress, using the second sock.  I’m wondering if anyone on this site has ever done anything like this.  It was easy, fun, and rewarding to know I recycled something rather than throwing it away.  So I felt good about that.      —  Eh, sorry folks.  I’ve tried everything I can think of, but the photo just comes over as a question mark every time.  Anyway, the project idea/instructions can still be useful to you.  Enjoy!

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