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Hi Sewbig.  The graduated color fabrics were inspiration for my current project.  Unfortunately, I only have 5″ squares of them.  They are a series of hand-dyed fabrics in two color ways that I purchased years ago at the Houston International Quilt Festival.  If you are interested in them, you could try Googling “hand-dyed fabrics in graduated colors”.  There are several companies that do their own dying.There used to be an excellent source up in Alaska; but I don’t recall the company’s name, or even if they are still in business.  You’ll never find more unique colors or a wider color pallette than hand dyed cottons or silks, in my opinion.  Tip though:  always be sure to wash hand-dyed fabrics such as these in either vinegar or a salt water bath to set the color before using them — if you do buy some.  Otherwise, they will bleed on everything they touch when wet.  But once stabilized, they are amazing.  These are actually leftover from a quilt project I did.  Sure wish I had enough of them to use for the dolls. Maybe a miniature doll quilt — sometime in the future. Sadly though, these are just scraps at this point.  I hope that helps.

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