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Bee Jacobs

Thanks everyone. It has been really fun having her and I hope everyone checks out the link to see where she has been and where she will go. And yes, I have been worried about breaking her. I was so nervous taking her eyes out and replacing the lashes etc. But it was oh, so fun. I would love to have a doll like her. I think the hardest part about her is that all her limbs move and just maybe she needs restringing. So I worry about getting her to stand properly and then falling over. She is so tiny but I think the size is good. I have sewn for the AG mini size but this was more like the Wellie size but not quite.  She very much enjoyed hanging out in my set.  The pink chair was my daughter’s, now mine. It is really to hold earring in the seat that opens but I knew it was perfect size for AG dolls.  It fits perfectly in to my girlie room in front of the American Girl Caroline fireplace. The little table was some stationary desk top thing I found at Home Goods. Always trying to find doll size stuff!

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