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Frances Rautenbach

Your topic title drew me to a place I could simply express my sorrow at finding myself slow at learning how to add a photograph! First, I have no camera, or iPhone etc – but I did remember I have the Photo Booth on my iMac – it takes a photo of me and whatever I hold up to the screen. So I did that, I DID achieve a photograph! But I have no idea if I achieved a post to this site. I saw in retrospect (looking top right of these windows to type into) that I had typed text into what was supposed to hold a “visual”; so I began again. I have done what I have worked out so far, to add text to the text box, and my photo to the visual box, but my confidence around nil! I am an absolute beginner at this – but not at crafting. I’m 69 years old and boy does trying this make me feel my ignorance! Thanks for setting up a [place where I can feel it’s funny to be me, when it’s not really feeling fun to be me!

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