Reply To: New Doll

Erin Hentzel

Oh my gosh. Yes, but it’s been a little back and forth, with a day or two in between each response since they’re in Australia. eventually,  They said I could return her, but they would not pay for shipping if it wasn’t a defect.  I sent them a short video of her eye wobble. Then they immediately understood the problem and asked me to ship her back, They will be sending me a new doll as soon as they receive the original back.

They said they would pay all the shipping, and refund my original shipping, but I’m still waiting for her to arrive back in Australia. I really hope they inspect the new one carefully.

I have a doll who is really old and her eye gets stuck. She sat in her box in a closet for years before coming to live with me. Like you said, older dolls, you expect some little issues. I want to re-wig her and put new eyes in, but I have no clue how to do any of that. She’s a Gotz little sister doll. 2nd generation (if that’s even a thing). She has bright orange hair and it looks very fake. Nice wig, but the color is too much for me.

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