School is almost out for my daughters! That means summer fun! One of their favorite things to do over the summer is have their friends over for a slumber party. When American Girl came out with their “Fun & Games Sleepover Set” I knew I wanted to make a DIY version. We already had several things that could be recycled for the set. I’ll also share with you today a free doll sized slumber party sleep mask invitation.

Pictured above is our DIY set. We already had a folding bed tray from American Girl from a previous breakfast in bed set that they released for Valentine’s Day one year. Pictured below is the American Girl Fun & Games Sleepover Set which you can find here:

The party has got to get started with an invitation. You can find your FREE sleep mask printable here:

We were lazy with cutting and decided to skim around the scalloped edges. lol. Simply cut out the front and backs and glue together with a glue stick. Fill in your doll’s information in your favorite colored pen!

I made these masks so they could fit an 18 inch doll. If desired, attach ribbon or elastic to each side to create a wearable mask.

We have so many Our Generation cookies that we decided to recycle those. I placed them in a mini goblet. If you haven’t noticed already, I use these mini goblets in a lot of my posts. These are wedding favors by Wilton. You can find them here:

I made this milk set. It is made with resin and resin pigment. The resin I use is here:’+Craft&start=5 The resin pigment I use for milk is here:’-Craft-Color-Pigment-Concentrate/p/23494 I always use coupons for my resin projects. The milk picture was purchased here: You can also purchase these creamers individually on amazon. The cups are communion cups.

We already had mini Uno games that are actually party favors. They fit the dolls perfectly. You can find these on Amazon and in party stores. I have also seen them in Walmart and Target.

It looks like the dolls are ready to get their party started!

Cecile can wait to lay that “draw four” card!

Cecile is styling the cute PJs that come in the Lemon Bay Doll Company Doll Sleepover Set. You can find this set here:

This set comes with a backpack, bedroll, travel pillow, sleep mask, and pajama top & bottoms. This set is absolutely FABULOUS! Pictures do not do it justice!

I love the handle on the travel pillow; perfect for a dolls hand. The bedroll attaches to the backpack. I love how the Lemon Bay Doll Company thinks of all the details!

Tucked inside the LBDC backpack was a not from mom, “Have a fun sleepover! And don’t forget to say your bedtime prayers and brush your teeth! Love, Mom” Also inside is a doll sized toothbrush! Lemon Bay ROCKS!!!

It’s been a great party! Cecile puts on her LBDC sleep mask and is out like a light!

Craft on !

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