Make dolly cupcakes with me and my little ones. Zoe was 5 and Avian was 3 and they loved making little cupcakes! Play around with what you have in your craft box and decorate your cupcakes to your imagination!

You will Need:
* Mini Cupcake cups
* Pom-poms that are the same size as the Cupcake cups
* White / Wood/ Tacky Glue
* Glitter Glue or colored glitter
* Beads or tiny Pom-poms for the ‘Cherry’

What to do:

1. Put glue on the bottom half of a pom-pom and push it gently into a paper cup.
2. Now decorate the top of your ‘cupcake’ with glitter and add a ‘Cherry’ bead to the top.
3. Let it dry and then it’s time to play!

– Liese

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