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    I just noticed as I checked on my profile info that while I have doll sizes checked off in the available for pattern testing area, it says at the bottom “This field can be seen by: Only Me”. Is this a field I can change myself, or can I ask you to do it for me? Or is it visible and I just don’t know it? Thanks for your assistance!

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    Kristin Rutten

    Hi Robin… The pattern testing checkboxes are supposed to be visible only by you. The designers which have access to the list of interested testers (and only those designers) are still able to see your name on the list for the doll types you’ve indicated. 🙂


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    I wondered how that went- thanks for ‘splaining Kristin. Sometimes I’m a little slow, but I’m slowly waking up… One of these days I’ll tackle posting a thing or two from my shop catalog or creating an ad for Spark and I’ll probably need help again!:)

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      Kristin Rutten

      Happy to help … that’s what I’m here for!! 🙂

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