Question of the Week: What is your favorite doll-related pattern … and why?

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    Kristin Rutten

    Please tell us about your favorite doll pattern … that one reliable pattern that you return to time and again. Why is it your favorite?

    If available, please also provide information about the pattern designer (name, brand name) and where the pattern can be purchased (one link welcome).

    A photo of an item you created with the pattern also welcome!

    (One pattern share per member, please.)

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    That is such a tough question!  I guess I’d have to say the Ella by Avery Lane.  It’s one of those dress patterns that can be made with simple cotton, or you can lengthen the skirt and add an overlay and you have a fancy dress.  I find the sleeves on the dress so sweet.

    Pattern link:


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    For me, if I need shoes to go along with a pattern/outfit and I’m not designing a pair specifically for the pattern, my go-to shoe pattern is the Love U Bunches Plain Jane shoes.  I tend to make them in vinyl or leather mostly.  They are quick, easy and they fit perfectly!  You can make them plain or fancy by adding embellishments.

    They are available for several doll types.

    Plain Jane 18" Doll Shoes




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    This is a tough question; because my favorite pattern is almost always whichever pattern I am currently using. It puts me in my happy zone. However, for versatility purposes, I suppose my answer is the Button-down Shirt Pattern from the book Doll Days! by Erin Hentzel, which can be found at her Avery Lane Pattern Website. I love how simple tweaks to the pattern create very different results, either modern or classic styles. (I’m not sure if my photo is going to show up here. It took me 2 hours to properly capture the photo, and then it showed up sideways in my visual box. . . soooo if you can’t see it — well, sorry. I’m moving on with my day at this point. Lol! Not my best skill.) 🙂

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    This is a very tough question.  Usually I don’t re-make a lot of patterns, cause I make it and then move on to the next thing.  I also really need a hard deadline to make time to sew.  That means that the majority of my completed projects are pattern tests!  lol.  If I were to think back though, to the pattern I have made most because it is quick and easy, it would be Lee and Pearls, 1057 Halter Swimsuit with Tiered Drape.  Most of the time when I sew for gifts, swimsuits are what little girls request.  I have made 7 or 8 of this pattern for my AWANA’S kids and my girls friends.  It takes under an hour now that I have made them and it is fun to change the 4 way stretch and the foldover elastic and makes a nice. quick, gift.  You can add the drape, only add one layer, or none at all.  I searched for a picture that I had made and could not find one, so here is a link to the pattern itself.


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    I’ve really fallen in love with the Keepers Dolly Duds 60s Simplicity pattern (#8314)! Specifically the a-line dress with the 3/4 length sleeves. It’s simple enough to sew up very quickly, can look both modern and retro cool depending on fabric choice, and is seriously the PERFECT shape for fussy-cutting large motifs! I think I might have to work on resizing it for the 14″ dolls so I can make matching sets, that’s how much I love it! I used the pattern for two of my most recent customs, my Wednesday Addams (with a modified, pointed collar of course!), and the color blocked version for my Twiggy. I also used it to make my mini-me’s favorite Halloween party dress. I managed to fussy-cut both sleeves AND the front and back panels, all from a single fat quarter. I do so love a fat quarter-friendly pattern!

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    I don’t make many patterns more than once, but when I need something quick, I like using patterns for peasant dresses and peasant tops because they fit a range of sizes, they’re easy to make, and they can be style to look good with almost anything. I can make one for an 18″ doll and find out it fits a bunny, a teddy, or some other “lovie.” My favorite so far is from the Carla C Dolly Designs (Scientific Seamstress) because, instead of single casings for the elastic, it has extra folds and stitching for what I think look like ruffles. This pattern is part of a couple of the Sew Boutique 4 Dolly sets on the You Can Make This web site.


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