These were the before and after pictures of “Easter Bunny”, a repaint I did to celebrate spring!

~I began with a thought process, like coming up with the color scheme for the eyes and blush, and then went on to customizing the doll. I thought that gray eyes with a very soft blush pattern would match the original pink skin color and hair. All together I wanted the palette to be very gentle and budding, like a flower in May ????

~Once Bunny was repainted, I began my designs for the tutu dress. First came the sketch, where I tried to match the colors of the fabric I had on hand as closely to the design I had in my head. Then onto pattern making (which proved to be a feat of engineering on my part), and finally the actual dress!

~Then it was time for shoes. I had already explored HUNDREDS of different ways to make shoes for these tiny dolls and I found the hot glue gun method the best:
1. Wrap your doll’s feet in plastic wrap to protect them from the glue.
2. Trace the outline of your doll’s foot using the smallest tipped glue gun you can find and then fill in
the rest of the shoe around and underneath the foot with hot glue.
3. Let the shoes dry while still on the doll’s feet, and then carefully smooth out any rough edges
using the hot sides of the glue gun tip (don’t press too hard or you’ll melt a hole right though your
4. Let dry again and remove the “shoe skeletons” from your doll’s feet (sometimes you need to enter a pointy object like a tooth pick to try to pry it off of the foot, but if the plastic wrap was wrapped securely, no glue should have gotten onto your doll’s feet).
5. Finally for the best part: put some skin on the skeleton by painting the shoes with three coats of
nail polish! After dried, spray with any form of sealant that will keep the paint from rubbing off over
time. And you’re done!

~After Bunny’s shoes were made, I gave her hair a thick fishtail braid and dressed her up!

If you’d like to watch a time-lapse of the actual repaint, visit my youtube channel here:

Tell me how you like this project and if any of my suggestions were at all helpful or inspiring to you! I’d love to hear back <3

Cheers to all crafters and doll lovers!!

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