Last year I already made my first Gingerbread girl. I love the idea of the dolls dressed as gingerbread with icing all over. The contrast of the brown with the white “icing” just adds festive flair to this jolly season!

For my first gingerbread dress, I used the dirndl pattern with a few minor tweeks to the skirt so that I could add a tulle ruffle. The only fabric I could find at the time had a lot of orange in it but it was still cute. To complete the outfit, I added some tights and a Santa hat. I loved how it turned out so I had to sew another one this year! This time I used darker fabric and the white “icing” pops even more!

For this season, I decided to turn it up a notch! I wanted a Gingerbread boy. I sewed up a Jumpsuit and added some “icing” and sweet buttons on the front. I finished off the look with a cap also topped with “icing” and Oh yes, a bow tie!

For my last Gingerbread girl, I wanted a some old fashioned flair and what better to use than some bloomers! So I sewed up an A line top with bloomer pants and off course… topped it off with “icing” and sweet buttons.

Last but not least… my little girls each got a Gingerbread outfit too. The family is now complete and ready to bake up a storm this festive season!

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