An extra dose of inspiration for those who love to create for dolls!

Are you someone who loves to sew, build, design or craft for dolls?

Are you always looking for fun new projects and ideas to feed your creative passion?

Would you like to surround yourself with others who understand and share your interests?

We’ve got just what you’re looking for!

Magazine Features

Creator Spotlight

Get to know doll pattern designers, doll clothing sellers and other talented creators through a Q&A-style interview plus lots of photos and resources.

Featured articles about people just like you who create for dolls

Doll-Related Projects

Projects in every issue with complete step-by-step photo instructions for those who love to sew, build, craft and design for dolls!

Sewing, building & craft projects for dolls

Gotta Have It!

Enabler Alert!!
Discover tried-and-true resources recommended by others just like you who create for dolls … including links to where you can get them for yourself!

Tools and resources for those who create for dolls

Kids’ Corner

Kid-friendly doll crafts and projects

Kid-friendly projects, printables and other resources selected especially for our younger doll lovers!

Full-Size Pattern Pieces

Full-size ready-to-use printable pattern pieces for doll sewing projects

Full-size printable pattern pieces included for every sewing project. Print issues include a link to downloadable files you can print if you’d rather not cut into your book.

Collective Wisdom

Stories, photos and more contributed by members of the iCreate for Dolls community

Benefit from the wisdom of the iCreate for Dolls community through frequent crowd-sourced features!

Mini Magazine

Create a doll-sized version of your magazine with this printable project … included in every issue!

Create a doll-sized magazine!


Ready-to-use, full-color printable graphics included to complement the issue’s projects and other features.

Full-size printables to use with doll projects

… and More!

Other frequent features include product reviews, business-related tips and printables, occasional contests and more for those who love to create for dolls!

Product reviews, doll business advice and more!

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