Send & Receive an iCreate Valentine Care Package!

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Would you like to create & send a fun little doll-related Valentine care package to someone who loves to create for dolls?

Would you like to receive such a package from one of your fellow iCreate members?

Sign up to participate in our 2018 iCreate Valentine Care Package Exchange![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1517323775529{margin-top: 15px !important;}”]

Here’s how it works …

1. Sign Up: All registered iCreate for Dolls members are invited to sign up to participate in our Valentine Care Package Exchange by completing the form below. The deadline to sign up is midnight (Mountain Time) on Friday, February 2nd.

2. Get Matched: Once you sign up, you will be secretly assigned another iCreate for Dolls Exchange participant for whom you will create a care package. You will receive the name and shipping address of your secret friend via iCreate private message by the end of the day on Monday, February 5th. You will be asked to keep the name of your recipient a secret until their package arrives.

3. Create a Care Package: Upon getting your secret friend assignment, you will create a doll-related care package for that person. The information provided via their sign-up form will help you get an idea of what they might like to find in their care package. Ideas include sewing notions, finished doll items, small treats or other similar items … use your imagination!

TIP: You are welcome and encouraged to shop your own stash for items to include in the package, but you may also purchase items you wish to add. (Suggested value of the package, not including shipping … around $10 to $15.)

4. Mail Your Package: To ensure your care package arrives the week of Valentine’s Day, it should be mailed no later than Saturday, February 10th. (Shipping times will vary, depending upon location, so please try to plan accordingly. Participants outside the U.S. will be matched to members in their own country whenever possible.)

5. Show & Tell: Once you receive your package, you will be invited to share a photo on the iCreate website so we can all enjoy your surprise!

Ready to join in the fun?

Please complete the form below. Your answers will be published on the iCreate Blog to help your package-sender learn a bit more about what you like. (Your shipping address will be shared only with the person assigned to send your care package.)


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