My INSPIRATION and love for dolls

I have known sewing all my life. I used to sit and cut out my mom’s patterns while she used to sew the most amazing wedding dresses. We also used to sit and knit doll clothes together.

My dolls always had a suitcase full of clothes. My granny made most of my baby doll clothes and always added detail with so much love. She spent her last years sewing dolls clothes to sell to have an income and to make other young girls happy.

A few weeks back my aunt found and gave me this photo and knew that I would know how to treasure it. It is a display of the doll clothes she sold. The photo was taken in the early 90’s. I look at it with so much appreciation and wonder what she would think that nearly 20 years after this photo was taken, I started on my own journey of creating dolls, clothes and patterns for my daughter, for an income and just a love for dolls and creating. I decided I needed to share it with my friends in the doll world… you would know how to appreciate it too!

My gran has not been with us for many years now but I still have some the clothes she made and have a look at them often. My daughter is 7 now and I still do not let her play with them… maybe one day!

Doll Greetings!
– Liese
aka. Doll Tag Clothing

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