This project I did a few years ago when my daughter was 3. She wanted to be a Superhero just like our Julie doll!

So I went about creating an outfit for her…

The Cape
I sewed a red cape for Zoe and a matching cape for the doll. I used the Superhero pattern cape pattern for the doll cape.
The star on the cape are embroidery designs that came from the “Superhero Gift Set”, embroidery design set.

The Mask and Cuffs
Both of these are part of the “Superhero Gift Set” and are in the hoop machine embroidery designs.

Skirt and T-shirt
Zoe already had a white t-shirt and red skirt so all I had to sew was a set for dolly as well.

We were all set…


Declan wanted to play along! So I embroidered a mask for him and his teddy bear!

Now we were all happy and ready to play!

– Liese

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