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Fun Facts About Our New Friends…

As part of Challenge #2 in the Great Community Pumpkin Harvest, members were challenged to make a new friend via our new “Add Friend” feature and then to find out something interesting about that person!

Scroll down to the comments below to read what they discovered about your fellow members …

  1. My friends Liese (@dolltagclothing) and Traci (@kelibu) are both very talented designers AND super supportive with everything involving iCreate for Dolls. You might recognize their work from the October issue of iCreate Monthly! 🙂

  2. My friend Jozel is the fastest pattern tester I know. She has the best eye for fabric combinations. My inspiration.

  3. My friend, Deana, is my machine embroidery and ScanNCut information center. I appreciate all her help.

  4. I met my friend Traci, of Kelubu, when she had her big pattern sale a few months ago. I bought her pirate patterns. She has fabulous ideas for adding embellishments to outfits to really make them special. I was also privileged to test her Fortune Teller series and saw an even broader use of mixed media.

  5. I met my friend Traci, of Kelibu, when she had her big pattern sale a few months ago. I bought her pirate patterns. She has fabulous ideas for adding embellishments to outfits to really make them special. I was also privileged to test her Fortune Teller series and saw an even broader use of mixed media.

  6. I met my new friend, AlterEgoChris through several fun doll clothes sewing competitions on the blog group. She’s a great seamstress and her designs are very creative. I always look forward to seeing her next project.

  7. I met my new friend, Brandy, on her fabulous blog, “”, where she posts cool doll accessories that users can make out of polymer clay and other techniques, plus other news in the doll world. I really like her ideas, and her website is easy to maneuver around.

  8. My friend Erin of Avery Lane lives in my state. We hope to meet up again soon and talk all things dolly. Besides singular patterns, she has two doll pattern books out. I can’t wait to hear more about what she has upcoming.

  9. My friend Traci of Kelibu Patterns is a fellow Canadian and I have most if not all her patterns. I love the fact that she thinks outside the box and her patterns are very realistic and fun. My dolls all are wearing the Mori Girl patterns.

  10. My new friend Kristin Rutten told me that she likes the creating process more than the actual finished product, and has since she was a kid. ????

  11. My new friend Paradise Pink has a very tiny doll. She has a very hard time finding tiny patterns for her so she decided to create her own.

  12. Dawne54/ Dawne Ester October 4, 2017 at

    My new friend Liese designs the coolest patterns!

  13. My new friend Sherlockmarcy lives near me, and I was surprised to find a link to her through a local school.

  14. My new friend Deirdre @deirdre is from my Bleuette group. She does a lot of pattern translations for our group there. I was not sure it was her,lol.. We seem to gravitate to the same places to create for our many differentdoll children..

  15. My doll friends Juanita Stoltz and Marietha are fellow South Africans!

  16. My new friend Genniwren creates beautiful doll patterns and embroidery designs for dolls.

  17. My new friend @pgburki belongs to a Bluette group. I had never heard of Bluette dolls, so I googled them. Beautiful vintage dolls!

  18. My new friend annmacp is also a Grandma like me, is also Canadian, has Granddaughters in Girl Guides of Canada Sparks (5-6) and Brownies (7-8) too. Also they have the same 18 inch dolls, the Newberry Doll from Sears. I have made a Sparks uniform for one doll and now in the process of making a Brownie uniform and will share the Brownie badges template for the badge scarf with her as soon as I figure out how to print it out. I think my new friend and I have lots in common so looking forward to a long friendship.

  19. My new friend pgburki loves sewing and she also create for 18″ dolls.

  20. My friend from SarahsThreads is in a pattern testing group with me! She won the doll who is her avatar, a fact I did not know about her until participating in Dolltoberfest. She just did a cute test sample of Apartment One Eight’s Market stand, and her test photo is in the pattern! Yay Sarah. =)

  21. My new friend Liese finally I bought a Nanea doll and now she has to make her long journey home to South Africa.

  22. My new friend A Bee Line makes adorable little shoe boxes for doll shoes. Bee has a shop in etsy too!

  23. My new friend Hollea is the best grandma to her two granddaughters! She looks after them for her son, is involved in their school, and crafts amazing things for them and their dolls. I hope to meet her when I move to my new condo in Langley about a year from now.

  24. My friend Mary Anna is a fellow Wilde Imagination fan! And has an Ellowyne, Amber, Patience, and Lizette.

  25. My new friend is DGummo! She collects and sews for Wilde Imagination dolls, and was co-sponsor of an Ellowyne Doll Retreat for 7 years.

  26. I am very happy to have many new friends!

  27. my friend Erin designs fabulous things

  28. My new friend DGummo just taught me that her new friend Mary Ann and she are both fans of Ellowyne, as am I!

  29. My new friend Erin has a shop called Avery Lane which has some adorable patterns – I just added several to my wish list! 🙂

  30. My new friend Jozel has the cutest tests for pattern.

  31. My new friend Traci makes some of the cutest and most imaginative patterns out there! And my new friend AlterEgoChriss has gorgeous zombie babies!

  32. I’m glad to be making so many new friends who love dolls!

    I met my new friend KellyP through this site during the Splash Party activities, and just learned we share a love of costume design!

    My new friend Erin and I met through her Avery Lane sewing challenges (which I LOVE and hope to be a part of in the future as soon as I can start sewing more regularly again!). She designs lovely patterns for the 18″ dolls, the Ella dress and Vintage Party Dress (from her Doll Days book) being my favorites!

    I just met my new friend Joy Mock through the Dolltoberfest introduction posts. She makes beautiful historical doll clothing and period costumes. Her Steampunk Felicity is awesome!

    And last but certainly not least, my new friend Traci makes some of my favorite doll patterns EVER! I love love LOVE her Mori girl patterns! She also makes the coolest cosplay accessories to go with her patterns!

  33. My new friend annmacp is also a pattern collector. I found out that she uses Google Drive to store her patterns. I think I will have to check that out. At the moment, my digital ones are just on my computer.

  34. And now I know my new friend DGummo is really Duana Gummo -pretty name!

  35. I am now I create friends with @bzzybee She makes the most fantastical shoes for dolls of all sizes. I shall call her the Shoe Master!

  36. ABeeLine @bzzybee just became my iCreate friend. I recently purchased her deluxe shoe box files. I am looking forward to making boxes for all my doll shoes.

  37. My new ICreate friend @bzzybee loves pink roses as much as I do — yay!

  38. My new friend @sheila4e introduced me to Sasha dolls.

  39. Discovered that my friend MJ SewBig Loves boy dolls, but is waiting for the perfect outfit before she unboxes Logan–poor boy is probably smothering in that box!

  40. MJ Sewbig is a pattern tester for several designers

  41. I learned Sheila4e collects Sasha dolls and has hosted two Sasha festivals!

  42. My friend Christine loves Bitty Babies. I do too–there’s just not many patterns for them

  43. My friend Kristin Rutten encouraged me via Tuesday’s chat and today’s Thrifty Thursday deal to buy 2 patterns to help me sew doll clothes with zippers!

  44. My friend Lovefromlola designs such unique and clever patterns! Cute, too!

  45. My friend Jozel is a fantastic pattern tester!

  46. My friend pixey enjoys creating and sewing for her granddaughter!

  47. My new friend is Duana Gummo and I found out she likes to make historical clothing

  48. Traci of Kelibu designs is a new friend of mine – I have loved her Pirate designs for some time now, I first found out about her on Pixie Faire. Now I browse her Kelibu website, and I am delighted with her Fortune Teller ideas. And I’m a Mori sort of dresser myself (never heard of Mori before I read what Traci had written about them). I learned something new on this meet new friends page, which is that she seems to be a Canadian (or in Canada) like me!

  49. My new friend Deyanne has had so many of the same experiences as I, unfortunately one being we are both young widows. We LOVE to sew, sew, sew and get together a lot to do same. We feed off each others ideas.

  50. My new friend Joy prefers to feel her fabric before purchasing. This is also one part of my fabric purchase and one reason I spend hours “creating” while I walk Joanns. It’s kinda fun to meet friends with mutual interests:)

  51. My new friend Olga creates dresses and clothes for very small dolls (2 to 7 inches!). She has pictures of such pretty dresses on her page. I made 7 new friends so far and hope to make many more!

  52. My new friend jhosch makes such beautiful dresses

  53. my new friend Traci has the most imagination with her doll patterns I have almost all of them .They are very unique

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