Do you ever look at a pattern and immediately know exactly which fabric you’re going to use? Several months back, a friend of mine gave me boxes and boxes of vintage fabric that belonged to her grandmother. Most of it, if I had to guess, was from the 80s. One of the pieces in the box was a lovely, gray cotton with almost a circular floral pattern in purple, black, and white. I didn’t know what I would make out of it, but I knew I liked it quite a bit so into the stash it went!

When Traci from KeLibu posted her Mori Girl Ruffled Dress pattern in her test group, the fabric pattern catalog in my brain immediately flipped to that vintage cotton. It was perfect! I dug out various lace from my stash — some upcycled, some not, and put together the dress.

I love all of the KeLibu patterns I’ve tried, and as a tester, I’ve tried most of them. The things I like most about this dress are some of the tiny details. I love the raw edge where the skirt meets the bodice. You don’t see many raw edges in clothing, but it gives it a careworn look. I love the layers of lace and trim, which look both old-fashioned, yet timeless. I love, love, love the little bow at the back, which is more than just decorative — it holds the gap between the hook and loop closure and where the back seam starts closed. The dress itself was easy to make. Honestly, the most difficult part was picking out the right lace to go with the cotton.

The dress needed something to go with it, and while the pattern offers a tutorial for a lace/ribbon rose accent, I couldn’t picture it with the fabric and trim I chose. Fortunately for me, KeLibu also released a shrug pattern for testing that was the perfect addition to the dress. It’s made entirely of lace and lace trim. I’m not the speediest seamstress, and I think start to finish, the shrug took maybe 30 minutes. That includes cutting time.

I finished the outfit with purchased sandals because though I’m capable of making shoes, I really don’t enjoy making them.

I’ll have to make more dresses with this pattern, but I don’t know if I’ll find fabric I like quite as much as this! I’m thinking maybe a brown or a pale blue next time, if I can find the right fabric to inspire me!

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