I love taking patterns and creating something new and different with them! This one is one of my old favorites. Creating a mouse costume. Use some imagination and you can create other similar looking critters!

To create this outfit, I used three separate elements –

1. The Jumpsuit – A Doll Tag Clothing pattern. I chose the color of my animal and cut out the jumpsuit with long sleeves. after sewing the front seam, I did the machine embroidery on the tummy before completing the jumpsuit.

2. The Tummy Embroidery – This is a FREE machine embroidery design that can be found on teh Hatched in Africa website.

3. The Critter Beanie – I used the Doll Tag Clothing knitting pattern to create the critter beanie. You can use any critter inspired sewing, knitting or crochet pattern to complete your costume.

{These patterns are not all Free and purchase may be necessary to create this outfit.}

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