My daughter started dancing this year and we have been working on a Dance Studio for the doll house…

So the outfit, or many outfits, were easy to create with the fun and easy patterns out there. One of my go to patterns is the one I created for Doll Tag Clothing. The Ballet Class pattern has a simple leotard (with no hems) and tutu to sew. I added some tights made from the Simply Tights pattern.

My mom joined in the fun and knitted fingerless gloves and legwarmers… and because she is the grandmother she made a bunch of colors for Zoe to play with!

Setting the scene has been fun with a ballet bar, chest of drawers and a CD player that we found at a toy store. The studio mat is a plastic table placemat!

The part that made Zoe the happiest was creating the music for the studio! I printed the CD from the Free printable PDF available from Doll Play SA and we cut them out and glued them. There is also a blank sheet where you can draw your own CD covers. My son insisted Zoe have a Star Wars CD for her doll collection!

Finally we added a small towel, water bottle and a Sporty Bag to carry it all in.

Zoe is thrilled with her dance studio!

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