Perfume Bottles – A Craft for Dolls

This is one of my old time favorite crafts and so simple and easy to do! Great for young hands to create as well!

These are wonderful to make and the options are limitless. They are even great to make for party favors!

What to do
1. Shop for your beads. I use plastic beads as they are light and easier to glue. You need 3 basic sections to make up a perfume bottle:
MAIN BEAD forms the shape of the bottle
BASE RING: only needed if your main bead cannot stand on its own
BEAD FOR LID: this tops off the bottle

Note on proportion: Take care that you do not make the bottles to big or too small… measure them in your dolls hands… a perfume bottle is about the size of your hand… so should your doll’s be. Mine are a bit bigger.
Tip: Use smaller beads to create perfume bottles for Barbie and smaller dolls!

2. You will also need:
Emery board (hard nailfile) or sandpaper
Glue or glue gun
Ribbon (optional) – burn the ends of with a lighter to stop it from fraying… please ask an adult for help!

3. Use the nail file to file of any bumps on the bead where you will glue them together.
4. Glue your beads together.
5. Once the glue is dry you can add a ribbon arounf the neck of the bottle and tie a small bow.

  1. So cute! Love these.

  2. These are perfect. I love sparkly and so do my dolls. I definitely need to make some of these. Thank you.

  3. Putting this craft on our summer to-do list! Love these perfume bottles!

  4. These will be so fun. My girls will love making these for their dolls. Glamour for the dolls.

  5. Thank you for sharing this darling and fun tutorial;. I will share it with my granddaughters and make will make perfume bottles for my dolls as well.
    Love this blog
    Bev Hiler

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