Cute Aviator Goggles to make for your doll. These are fun for Steampunk style outfits.

Doll Size: Head circumference about 30cm (10 – 12 inch) – 18 inch dolls like SA Girl Doll, Our Generation or American Girl

You will need
Download the pattern template – CLICK HERE
Imitation leather or vinyl
Yellow transparency
Plastic or Copper rings (about 1.25”)
Paper Scissor
Glue gun (or all purpose glue)
1. Trace pattern on the back of the vinyl and cut out the goggle panel.
2. Place the rings on the goggles front and draw on the inside and cut out the holes for the eyes.

3. With a marker draw around the outside of the rings onto the transparency. Cut out two circles.

4. Using your glue gun, glue the transparent circles over the eyes. Next, glue down the rings.
5. Sew, glue or staple the back of the strap closed. 1/4” seam allowance has been added for this.

Your goggles are now complete!
– Liese

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