As happens with many of my patterns, when I decided I wanted to create a doll-sized swimming pool pattern, the idea quickly expanded into an entire collection, including the pool as well as a chaise lounge chair and lifeguard chair, complete with rescue tools!

But even that wasn’t enough and so I decided to invite Liese Brouwer of Doll Tag Clothing and Jeri Shore of Peppermintsticks to join in the the fun. Liese created a fun (and extremely clever) line of “fun-flatable” pool toys, while Jeri whipped up an adorable swimsuit, and then the three of us collaborated on the joint release and promotion of our each of our individual patterns.

Both ladies sent their finished samples to me, which I then photographed along with my pool furniture pieces to create these fun doll scenes. We incorporated several of the photos into each of our patterns, including some of those you see here.

Doesn’t it make you want to have a pool party? I know it does that for me … and it also makes me want to find new ways to collaborate with my fellow designers.

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