I am so excited and privileged to be part of the Traveling Doll Project!

What am I talking about?
This is a very special ball and joint doll (BJD) that is traveling around the world. They hope to spread joy, happiness, and friendship through the magic of dolls! The project was started by Chris from Love U Bunches.

What happens to Candy-Floss?
This cute little 10 inch doll is traveling around the world. At every stop she gets new clothes created especially for her. She is also taken out for some site seeing to see what is out and about at her destination.

Candy is in South Africa!
This is the exciting part! I am her 5th stop on her journey and she is with me in South Africa! It was a super long journey for her and she was in her box for nearly four weeks. I am now making clothes for her and this week we will be doing some site-seeing.

See Candy in the picture? She is surrounded by fabric that is manufactured in SA and is known as Shwe-shwe. Candy is struggling to decide what fabric to choose for her new dress! You can read more about this special fabric on the traveling doll Facebook page.

Candy’s friends while she is here are Mandy and Rahel. They already have their shwe-shwe dresses!

Want to follow her journey?
There is a Facebook page – Traveling Doll Project – dedicated to her experiences (and new wardrobe)!

Back to sewing…
– Liese

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